29 June 2010

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Sloped Ceilings pose a design challenge!!!!

Karen asks about decorating with sloped ceilings and limited light in a garage apt for her daughter….
Designinteriorsonline has solutions!

1. Balance: The key to conquering a sloped ceiling is to balance the furniture by size….placing the larger or taller things on the lower side of the slope, and the lower or smaller items on the up side. This helps the eye to adjust and bring the room into balance.

2. Designing with Color: Paint the room a cool pastel such as pale green , yellow or blue ….look at Benjamin Moore’s Atlantic Southeast color collection, like # 842 green cast, # 2144-40 soft fern, or 2028-60, celadon green. These are colors that open up space and create an expansive feeling. Remember to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.

3. Windows: To maximize the eastern sun, drapes that are hung on either side of the glass will open up the room. Have the drapes mounted so that when they are open, the fabric is just 6 inches or less into the glass area. If privacy is not an issue, a light and airy gauze or sheer cotton would be great.

4. Lighting: On the low slope, place a lamp that shines upward one corner. Make sure the rest of the space is evenly and adequately lit.

5. And lastly….include some organization, like shelves or cubbies. The less clutter, the more open the space will feel.

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