Working with your designer online - how easy is this?

Six simple steps take you straight to the home of your dreams. It's as easy as...

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1. Contact Us

Just fill out our contact form, telling us a little about your home and what you need. Let us know if you want us to call you or email you (it's your choice), and give us your thoughts about the design issues that you want to solve. If you have pictures, include them.

2. Submit Your Information

We'll be in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule your initial complimentary consultation.

3. We'll Discuss Your Design

Our dialogue will cover your design concerns and offer some of the ways that we can help you. This is when we'll discuss the Design Fee and all of the services we offer.

4. Paperwork

We'll email you some simple paperwork including a fee quote for your project, and ask you to fill out a design questionnaire and include simple and easy measurements. You'll email us photos of your space. Everything we do with you is at your convenience via email, fax, or webcam. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you.

5. Our Work Begins

Then we get to work, designing a plan for you, solving your design challenges and detailing great solutions. We'll be in touch with you on a regular basis to discuss what we've come up with. We want the design plan to be perfect for you.

6. The Finished Product

After we have solutions, we send out your personalized design notebook via FedEx. Depending on what you asked for, your notebook can include a floor plan, color plan, pictures and lists of furniture and accessory selections, shipping resources, and an action list.

You'll be able to take your design notebook with you as you shop, show it to your contractors and use it as a road map to make the changes we designed for you. Your action list will help you stay organized, and take you step by step through your Design Plan.

And, we are always there for you as your questions come up. Continued services such as purchasing, delivery, and installation or complete on-site project management are always an option at hourly or project rate.

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