What is Design Online?

Design Online is simply an easy way to work with your very own interior designer in the comfort of your home at your convenience. You start by contacting us right here, and we'll take it from there. Just give us your design challenges and we'll create great solutions. Working with you, one on one, with phone calls, emails, and even webcam sessions, we design beautiful solutions that fit your space, family, and budget.

You'll get a personal Design Notebook with floor plans, colors, furniture, and accessory selections, even details for lighting and flooring. You'll get your own Action List, and you can take your design notebook along wherever you go. You can show it to your painter, contractor, or take it shopping with you.

Of course we are always there for you to help with as much detail as you need. We can even continue to help you with your purchases and installation if you'd like.

We can help with just a color plan, or a whole home... it's up to you to decide.

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