14 October 2010

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Color……Ask the Designer

Question: I have trouble with pulling color together for my rooms. I move between everything being one color-a light tan, to every room being a different color. I also have trouble chosing colors and making a room feel pulled together.


You are not alone! Color can be scary…and it’s powerful. Color actually has a physical effect on us. It can cause strong emotional reactions, make us feel energized or relaxed, and can evoke memories.

When I work with my clients we talk about the feeling that you want to have in your home before colors are selected.
The very general rule is that soft colors and earth tones are relaxing and grounding and brights and jewel tones are uplifting and energizing.
Some colors are active and some are backgrounds. But all colors have an impact on you.
The important thing is that the colors in your home flow, and that they make you feel good.
Benjamin Moore and other paint retailers have small samples that you can purchase so that you can try them on….paint a white poster board and tape it up to the wall. Try one color at a time.

The best way to get started is to look through some magazines and note the rooms you like. Tear out the pages and set them aside.
Afterwards, lay out all the pictures that you chose and you should begin to see a pattern of color…….that’s a good starting point for knowing what colors attract you.

You can paint hues of one color from room to room, or different colors throughout, but just make sure there is some common thread, such as all jewel tones, or all earth tones.
At Design interiors on Line we offer a complete color consultation. We’ll design a color plan for you, and provide specific color samples that you can give your painter or take to the paint store.
Let us know if we can help…and good luck.

With Regards,

Shelly Preziosi, President, Design interiors On Line

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