18 May 2010

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What about wallpaper?

Risa from Philadelphia asks:

I love the idea of wallpaper, but it feels like a big  decision.  Where can I put it in smaller amounts?

Shelly replies:

Wallpaper is a wonderful accessory…and it can absolutely dress up a room. I love to use dramatic wallpapers in powder rooms. Usually  powder rooms are small,  and everyone who visits  your home will end up in that room!   What fun it is to create drama there. be bold, and have fun with color.

I suggest papers with  smaller patterns as large patterns may not “read” completely in a smaller span of space. If there is no natural light in the room, paper the ceiling. Start by looking at papers in your favorite colors. Schumacher has a great selection of dramatic papers, check it out at :www.FSchumacher.com

And remember,  balance the room with light!!   Have fun.

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