Designer’s Comments

Recently I was invited back to a former client’s home. I had done some hourly consulting for her when she initially relocated to her new home in a new city, and had not seen her since. Selling her home of 30+ years that she lovingly shared with her late husband, my client  chose to begin a new life.

Walking in the door of her home this week, I was both surprised and pleased. Not only did she create a loving home in a few short months, on her own,  she claimed her new space defining a new phase in her life.

When we met we talked about balance and harmony and creating a nurturing space. And with intention and care, she created a new home in her new city. I could tell that every color, every pillow, each light and piece of furniture was chosen with loving care. That everything in her home had meaning and brought her joy. In showing me around, her face was radiant, her comments loving.

Clearly my client’s nesting instinct took over, and her resilient and strong spirit guided her to create a space so personal, so intimate, and so very beautiful. As her designer I felt so very proud. And it occurred to me that the best designed spaces are those that are almost painfully personal.


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